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Jukka Sundquist

Benefiting from data – get rid of these three obstacles

Skribent Jukka Sundquist 23.05.2016 | Inga kommentarer

Many companies gather massive amounts of data, but is it being used to its maximum potential?

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Päivi Hietanen

Leading the development of innovative and digital learning

Skribent Päivi Hietanen 24.03.2016 | Inga kommentarer

The education market is changing fast with high expectations for digitalization. This makes an innovative approach not only key to increase market share; it is also crucial to be able to stay in the market. Even the strongest players might lose out if they forget to embrace that approach.

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Alex MacLeod

Technology changes, but the importance of emotive storytelling remains the same

Skribent Alex MacLeod 11.03.2016 | Inga kommentarer

Technology has democratized filmmaking, lowering the barrier to entry and making it possible for everyone to record and edit moving images as easily as still ones. But my question is: has evolving technology really influenced the importance of storytelling?

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Jesse Sandqvist

Location, location, location

Skribent Jesse Sandqvist 04.03.2016 | Inga kommentarer

How would you feel being greeted by name while doing your weekly grocery shopping? Weirded out or pleasantly surprised? With the latest advancements in location-based technology that scenario is now a reality. Here, Jesse Sandqvist, Marketing Strategy Director at Seed, explains how location-based marketing can be used to effectively target customers without annoying them.

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Kristoffer Åkesson

Speed as a key component of competitiveness

Skribent Kristoffer Åkesson 19.02.2016 | Inga kommentarer

The need for speed has given the fastest players a competitive edge for a long time. What’s happened is that digitalization and transformation have made speed evolve from important to crucial.

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