Sharing is caring – how sharing data brings value to Nordic Morning customers

On a typical day on the seventh floor of the Nordic Morning office in Stockholm, you can find Julia and Alana working with data. Although they share an office and have matching calculators, Alana works with the strategy team at Sitrus, mostly with social listening and qualitative data analysis, while Julia works with the paid media team over at KliKKi and focuses her efforts on search engine marketing.

Even though they sit in separate parts of the office and work with different sets of data, they are always working toward the same goal: to turn data into insights that will deliver the best possible results for their (often shared) clients, and in turn, the best experience for their clients’ customers.

While both KliKKi and Sitrus work with content, KliKKi predominantly focuses on paid ads that appear in search and display networks. To ensure the ads are effective and provide the best possible return on investment, Julia analyzes, amongst other things, search data to find keywords with high search volumes, common terminology associated with different topics and click-through-rates on different ad styles.

On the other side, Alana collects conversational user-generated data and analyzes it to find topics of interest and influence. She looks for upcoming trends that may not yet be popular in search, but are creating a buzz in social networks, blogs, or forums. This data can then be used to create innovative and relevant content for a website, video, blog, magazine, social media, or even a print campaign.

While attractive and engaging ads are extremely important, it is arguably just as important that the ads lead to content that meets (and ideally exceeds) the end user’s expectation. When Alana and Julia collaborate on their respective findings about what is popular in search, as well as what creates good brand sentiment and engagement, magic happens. Through close collaboration, they are able to take a strategic approach to the creativity and production of content, and can predict better results for their clients.

Alana can tell Julia which images people like best, or if they prefer video over infographs, so KliKKi can use the most appropriate assets in the ads. Julia can tell Alana which ads have the highest conversion rates, so Sitrus can optimize the landing pages for even better results. Alana can tell Julia if a particular audience segment is interested in new or other topics, while Julia can let Alana know the popular keywords that can be used to improve search engine optimization when Sitrus creates digital content.

Data-driven content creation means no more guessing. Content is based on scientific facts. Alana and Julia can find the most influential topics that will push their clients to the forefront of their competitive industries, and know how to get a lot of people to consume the content that they create.

Knowing what content will work for clients is one thing. Proving it is a whole other game, and one that Alana and Julia take seriously. Collection and analysis of each channel and content type is performed independently by the two colleagues; Julia with paid media, and Alana with behavior and sentiment.

Different tools and techniques are used to analyze the datasets, but again, the results are most valuable when the data and findings are shared. Content in all its wonderful shapes and forms is a living entity. A one-off publication is unlikely to keep customers coming back for more, so continual optimization means the user experience will keep improving, and clients will always get the best out of their marketing investments.

At the end of the day, Alana and Julia get great satisfaction from seeing the results improve on their bar, line, pie, and bubble graphs. They know that sharing really is caring when it comes to their clients, because getting real, tangible results for them is what it’s all about.

Alana Gordon

Alana Gordon
Data Strategist, Sitrus Agency

Julia Semb

Julia Semb
Paid Media Consultant, KliKKi