Interest grows in Sitrus Agency’s new approach to content

Interest in content strategy is gaining momentum following the launch of Sitrus Agency, the result of the merger of Nordic Morning Group companies Citat and JG Communication three weeks ago.

Managing Director Christian Sahlgren says employees are embracing Sitrus’ new customer journey-based offering, and potential clients and the industry are showing great interest in the benefits of content strategy – Sitrus’ spearhead service.

Creating a new brand from two agencies, both with rich histories, is a big undertaking but one that has been overwhelmingly positive. “We’ve created what we believe is a new kind of agency – an agency that can align complex customer journeys, from awareness to engagement and conversion, with a brand’s messaging and touchpoints,” Sahlgren says.

“We have 190 employees, who are all eager to contribute to Sitrus and show clients how our new offering can help them. I feel that we’ve come a long way, even in these few short weeks.”

The merger brings JG Communication’s focus on content strategy and long¬-term impact together with Citat’s experience of campaign- and activation-driven communication.

“Other agencies focus on content and storytelling, but I haven’t seen one that focuses on the customer journey and the entire content ecosystem simultaneously,” says Sahlgren, who joined the Nordic Morning Group as CEO of JG Communication in 2012.

“Essentially, we have merged a content agency with an ad agency, and the reason for that is to be able to create content that has impact across the entire customer journey,” he says.

“If you really dig down, you will find that the major pain point for many of our clients today is fragmentation of their brand, their content, their messaging, and their resources. A brand may have 50 touchpoints with its audiences, as well as an array of internal stakeholders, each of whom have their own strategies to drive, such as marketing, sales, business, communication, and brand strategies. The result is fragmentation. How do you filter everything so that you can create the best content for your audience, and for your business?”

This, says Sahlgren, is where Sitrus is bringing a whole new approach to the industry.

“Our solution to the fragmentation problem is content strategy – taking all the relevant insights from an organization’s top-level strategies to create a plan for your messaging and your content,” he says. “And all of this needs to be done with deep insight of the customer journey.”

Sahlgren says that current clients want to hear more about how they can collaborate with Sitrus on a deeper level. And media interest has resulted in potential clients reaching out to hear the Sitrus story.

“I think everybody is excited when they hear about our offering,” he says.

“Of course, long-term clients want reassurance that we will still deliver as agreed, and of course we will. It’s business as usual, but we are excited to be able to offer clients a wider perspective on their content.”

Even with the complexity of managing a merger such as this, Sahlgren says he has the “best job in the world.”

“I get a lot of energy from others, and it seems everyone is embracing this change and wants to make Sitrus great,” he says. “It’s amazing when what you are doing is both enjoyable and inspiring.”

Christian Sahlgren

Christian Sahlgren
Managing Director
Sitrus AB