Visibility &
Service Design

Optimering av varumärken

Vi erbjuder dig banbrytande know-how och lösningar inom områdena digital marknadsföring, användarbeteende och sökmotors-driven marknadsföring.

I våra erbjudanden ingår strategisk mediaplanering, programmatic display, sökmotoroptimering och marknadsföring, konverteringsoptimering, service design, användbarhet och digital service management.

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Mattias Falkendal, VP, Visibility & Service Design

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The sweet spot of marketing

Mattias Falkendal, CEO of Klikki Group, describes how insights and analysis of content, design and visibility can help businesses find the marketing sweet spot. Do you want your KPIs to take a leap? If so, read this blog post.
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A mindset shift in search engine optimization

The traditional approach to SEO focuses on getting top Google rankings for so-called head keyword phrases. The problem is that even though it’s tempting to target content for these popular search terms, in reality they account for just a small percentage of all search traffic.

Scott Roemermann, Head of Consulting (Analytics, SEO, & CRO) at KliKKi, encourages to focus on much bigger audience that makes up the long tail.
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